About Khung

KHUNG is a new journey of Asian authentic cuisine through a modern edge fully owned and managed under ALL IN Group. Established on July 2017, Khung caters the tastebuds by blending the authentic Asian recipe with local flavors and modern sensibility. Appropriately means as achievement and good work, KHUNG endeavor to be such a delightful frame of art and good taste. Dedicated in our commitment to provide uthentic recipes cooking and pouring with the best choice of healthy and fresh ingredients to provide you with nourishing good food, which presents a rich taste of modern and unique Asian cuisine.

ArtsySlang Word

Post Modern Represents an intermixed style of Asian dining and culture with an urban contemporary art.


The house only cooking and pouring the good choice of healthy and fresh indgredients.


Customers are worth tasting rightfully, we works together as a team to create a memorable, pleasant experience.

Our Bar & Restaurant

Cooking and Pouring Soon

Delicious hot and cold dishes with rich tastes and flavors cooked in different ways are served. By marrying our passion for the art of Asian cuisine and learning from modern gastronomy, our chef are driven to provide the true meaning of nourishment.


ADDRESS: Plaza Indonesia, Level I - West LobbyCentral Jakarta, Indonesia 10350